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Chiesa di Sant’Anna

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The church of Sant’Anna is a small and permanently closed building that stands in the suburban area of ​​Spello, a short distance from Villa di Mosaici. It was probably an oratory of the order called the Fraternità dei Disciplinati di Sant’Anna, which ran the hospital inside the walls starting in 1362. There are no documents concerning the foundation, but frescoes have recently been discovered that place the date of construction at the beginning of the 13th century. Like many buildings in Spello, it has undergone modifications that have changed the original appearance, including one recently undertaken after the earthquake of 1997.

The church has a gable roof with a central oculus without a rose window and also has a portico covered by a grating, which is interposed between the exterior and the interior of the church. It has a quadrangular plan, with three altars and straight-bottomed walls. The walls are decorated with frescoes commissioned by locals between the 15th and 16th centuries. Among these we note a Madonna con Bambino and San Giobbe con Sant’Anna from the Umbrian school, a fresco from the Foligno school inside a niche, a 14th-century processional banner and other 16th-century frescoes from the Umbrian school. Furthermore, next to the altar there is a Madonna of Lourdes made of plaster and in a niche, a statue of Sant’Anna with the Infant Madonna.

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