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Our philosophy

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Exploring Umbria's Philosophy is a set of ethical and professional values that characterise the service we offer: the simplification and digitalisation of the choice of experiences and activities that can be enjoyed in Umbria, standing out for their high traditional and regional value.

INNOVATION is one of the core professional approaches to our philosophy. We developed an algorithm that allows us to always offer a series of activities that suit your taste and preferences, in an easy and intuitive fashion. The algorithm is constantly updated, both by us and the way our customers interact with the site.

LARGE DATABASE THAT IS ALWAYS UP TO DATE. We work hard every day in order to assure that the quality of our services in always improving, by keeping our already large and exhaustive database always up to date.

We guarantee the highest level of AUTHENTICITY AND QUALITY for all our services throughout the Region. Exploring Umbria is not just another holiday website. We are dedicated locals who love their Region and are determined in their search for quality. All the activities that you will find on our website have been carefully selected by us according to a strict set of quality standards. No provider can register autonomously to our portal and start selling their services, like on most websites, but they will first have to submit us an evaluation request. Once we have received it, we contact the service provider and personally visit their business to assess whether on not it meets our standards. In many cases we personally go out looking for hidden gems throughout the Region, in order to provide you with a wide range of options for the best and most authentic experience. In short, booking with us is a bit like asking your local friend for tips and recommendations.

FOLLOW-UP. We are not going to forget about you after your booking. We will always be here for you, to give you more details, to help you change or cancel your booking, or anything else you may need during your trip.

The Exploring Umbria staff is Umbrian. Exploring Umbria was born out of our LOVE FOR THE REGION AND DESIRE TO REVEAL ITS BEAUTIFUL SECRETS TO THE WORLD. There are so many authentic and genuine activities in our Region that are often overlooked by those who don’t know it well. So many ancient trades, crafts, unexplored locations, secluded hamlets, stories and anecdotes, and ancient recipes have been missed by many visitors throughout the years.  Our mission is to find them all, learn about them and share them with these visitors. We find them with the usual methods: by word of mouth and personal exploration. We let other people know about them availing ourselves of the latest digital technologies. Finally we propose them on our portal with our powerful algorithm. Basically, we are trying to bring the most traditional and representative activities of our territory to the digital realm leaving their very own essence and authenticity intact.


Navigating and booking on Exploring Umbria is very easy. You can immediately start to receive our recommendations for your ideal holiday from our homepage. You just have to fill the fields and express your preferences by moving the cursor under each mood. Exploring Umbria will then display a timeline – corresponding to the dates you selected – with a series of activities that match your profile. If you are not happy with some activities or simply prefer to keep some time for yourself, you can simply remove, move, or replace activities or modify dates as you like. In case of mobility impairment you can choose the corresponding option. In case you need a lift, you can easily book one of our shuttles directly from the page. You can also adjust the radius of the itinerary, or let us know that you will be travelling your pet so we can suggest pet-friendly activities. You can completely customise your holiday and design your very own Umbrian adventure easily and in a few clicks, from a neat and intuitive interface.

If you don’t wish to receive our recommendations, but prefer to browse the various options and decide for yourself, you can easily navigate all available sections from the home page. There you can find each activity carefully explained and add them to your favourites, as well as detailed information about Umbira, an actual guide on its history, culture, and territory, its cities, its villages, and its nature.

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