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Palazzo del Popolo

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Also called “del Comune” (of the Municipality), Palazzo del Popolo (People’s Palace) is not only the most ancient building in Todi main square but also one of the oldest public buildings in Italy.

The building works started in 1214 with the porticoed structure on the ground floor according to the principles and style of Lombard architecture. Later on, from 1228 to the 20th century renovation works, the two upper floors were built, together with the external staircase allowing entrance, and the crowning element with Ghibelline merlons. Three-light and four-light windows embellished by decorative small columns lighten the massive look of the facade.

The left side of the Palace overlooks Piazza del Popolo whereas the main facade can be seen from adjacent Piazza Garibaldi.

The first floor of the building was probably the Chief Magistate’s seat or residence and would house people’s gatherings at the time of the communes.

Connected to Palazzo del Capitano, the palace currently houses the Pinacoteca (Municipal Picture Gallery), on the second floor.

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