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Municipal Theatre

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Todi theatre was planned by architect Carlo Gatteschi from Arezzo in 1872, and inaugurated by Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “Un ballo in Maschera” (A Masked Ball) in 1876.

Inside the structure is gorgeous, elegant and classy, with attention to every detail. The curtain portays Ludovico Ariosto‘s visit to Todi in 1531 by Annibale Brugnoli, a renowned artist from Perugia who decorated the ceiling at the Rome Opera House.

The whole structure hosts 499 seats and is made of four different kinds of daises. The wide ovoid parterre is a gem of  the 20th century architecture, whereas the four terracotta medallions representing Metastasio, Alfieri, Rossini and Goldoni were made by sculptors Angeletti and Biscarini.

Since 1992, the theatre has hosted the Stagione in prosa (Season in prose) providing a large number of prominent shows, from operettas to musicals, up to performances with dancers such as Paganini and Kemp and concerts with singers like Paoli and Vecchioni.

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