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Pieve Confini

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The parish church called Pieve di Santa Maria dei Confini, more commonly known as Pieve Confini is in an area that owes its name to its border position between the areas of Perugia and Cortona, and during the Middle Ages it represented the border between the Dioceses of Perugia and Arezzo.

The church of Santa Maria dei Confini, located at 274 metres a.s.l., represents the most important example of Romanesque architecture in the area of Lake Trasimeno.

Its earliest document relating to it dates back to 1037, and the second time it was mentioned in a document by Federico Barbarossa dating back to 13th November 1163. For this reason it is assumed that its construction dates back to the period between the 11th and 12th centuries.

In ancient times, the Pieve had a very elegant structure: it consisted of three naves, numerous pointed arches that embellished and divided the aisles, semi-circular apses and the presbytery was in an elevated position to ensure easier access to the crypt. In the following centuries, however, the Pieve was completely restyled: the facade was rebuilt, the inside was converted to a single nave, one of the apses was razed to the ground and some farmhouses were built next to the church.

From the outside, the apse is still visible and is the only well-preserved part, plus some decorations above the portal.

Currently the site, which is located within a private property, is not well preserved, is unsafe and in a state of neglect and so, due to a real danger of the church collapsing, the area has been fenced off as a safety measure.

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