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Chiesa di San Salvatore

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Walking through the streets of the lovely island of Isola Maggiore, the pearl of Lake Trasimeno and part of the village of Tuoro, you won’t miss the Chiesa di San Salvatore, with its simple, gentle and welcoming appearance.

The building, which is located on the street of the same name, was built in the Romanesque style in the 12th century; a document dating back to 1238 attests to its existence and its subordination to the Abbazzia di Farneta, located in Cortona, a town in the province of Arezzo.

The church is modest, both in size and decor; externally you can see a stone portal decorated with depictions of animals and plants, reminiscent of the portal of the most imposing Pieve Confini di Tuoro (Parish Church), which however has more elaborate and refined decorations. Even a small stone depiction of San Matteo (St Mathew), visible on the facade, has survived to the present day.

Inside, the church has a single nave, a semi-circular apse and a transept, while there are few traces of the paintings that originally decorated the walls. However, in the apse at the top, on the right, you can see what remains of a 14th-century fresco depicting an Angel.

The chapel of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, located on the left side of the church, preserves some works of art and sacred objects, including two wooden statues depicting respectively the Risen Christ and St Francis and a tabernacle painted in the Baroque style, which is named after its greatest exponent and founder, Federico Fiori, also known as il Barocci.

Currently the church cannot be visited and is only open for weddings or special celebrations.

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