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Torre del Comune

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The Civic Tower, which stands tall in the south-east corner of Piazza Mazzini, was probably built together with Palazzo Comunale in the 13th century. Over the centuries it was restored several times due to damage caused by earthquakes, war events or other calamities. In particular, in 1420, the Lord of Foligno Corrado Trinci took possession of Trevi and ordered that the tower be lowered. Once his dominion ceased, however, the local authorities had it raised again because from a distance the sound of bells could not be heard. Now silent, these bells were once used to convene city meetings and for other functions, all indicated on an inscription (in the form of a couplet) on the Maggiore bell: “Convoco arma, signo dies, known horas, debello nubila, concino laeta, ploro rogos”, which translates: “I summon the troops, I count the days, I ring out the hours, I expel storms, I celebrate holidays, I weep for the dead”. The Torre is the symbol of the Municipality.

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