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Chiesa della Madonna delle Lagrime

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The church of the Madonna delle Lagrime was erected following a prodigious event: in 1485 a fresco of a rural house depicting a Madonna with Child, today inside the sanctuary, wept tears of blood and so the community of Trevi decided to start work for the construction of the building. These were entrusted to Antonio di Giorgio Marchisi and began in 1487 and ended in 1522. The church we can admire today is an enchanting Umbrian model of a Latin cross Renaissance church. Inside the imposing and luminous building, which has a single nave with cross vaults, there are works of admirable quality, among them the burial monuments of the Valenti family are of particular distinction. Some of the works from the Sanctuary are now preserved in the Raccolta d’Arte (Art Collection) at the Museo di San Francesco a Trevi

The most famous chapels are the Adorazione dei Magi and the San Francesco, both richly decorated by two illustrious artists. In the first, you will find the fresco of the Adorazione by Pietro (aka Perugino), who created it in his more mature phase, in 1522. Inside the second chapel there is instead the Trasporto di Christo by Giovanni di Pietro, painted between 1518 and 1520. Other works by the famous artist are kept in the Museum and in the convent of San Martino. The church consists of four other chapels and an altar.

Outside you will find the monumental portal, built in ‘alba stone’ at the end of the 15th century by Giovanni di Giampietro da Venezia.

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