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Glass museum

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The Museo del Vetro (Glass Museum) is an unmissable stopping off point in the village of Piegaro, boasting a long and precious tradition of glassmaking that dates from the Middle Ages to the present day.

It was inaugurated in 2009, but the building on which the museum stands is the site of the ancient glassworks, which remained operational until 1968.

In ancient times there were two different sections in the glass factory, but in the 19th century these were unified to facilitate the production process and currently the structure consists of three floors.

On the main floor there is the Sala delle Volte, one of the oldest areas in the building. Looking at the cross vaults, it is still possible to note their blackened appearance, caused by the fumes produced during the glass production process. The Sala del Forno, where the glass was worked is also interesting, as is the furnace heating system, consisting of a series of tunnels situated under the floor, along which the hot air passed. In the basement, you can see the striking sight of the solidification of the last glass pouring in the glassworks at the time of its closure.

The museum exhibits some of the many objects made over the last few centuries by the glassmakers of Piegaro, such as glasses, bottles, flasks and other beautiful artefacts that these skilled and highly-precise glass artisans created with immense passion and creativity thanks to the technique of glass blowing.

The building also hosts cultural events related to glass making, courses, workshops and demonstrations on the various techniques that have made Piegaro’s glassmakers true masters of this art.

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