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What to do in Sellano

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Discover what to do in Sellano 

If you think going to church and doing craftworks are the only activities here, you would be quite wrong, because Sellano and its territory is the winner in the natural landscape category. You can go trekking, mountain biking or horse riding along ancient mule paths and footpaths, more or less steep,  where you will see breathtaking natural scenery that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Entering the lush green woods and forests with typical  Apennine vegetation, just a few miles away from a town within walking distance,  you can find the mystic cult locations of old hermitages – the Eremo di S. Paterniano (Hermitage of St Paterniano) and the Eremo del Beato Giolo (Hermitage of the Blessed Giolo), where devotion and silence reign, interrupted only by the gurgling of the Vigi brook. You will eventually come to a small artificial lake called Lago di Vigi, where you can fish in peace, if you brought your pole. If you are not too tired after a stop at the charming restaurant set up in an old mill, you can continue along the path to see the cascate del Torrente Le Rote waterfall.

It might be an intense day out, but it will certainly be a satisfying one!

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