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What to do in Piegaro

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Discover what to do in Piegaro 

Visiting Piegaro will definitely offer you some memorable moments, but if you want to learn more about one of the crafts that have characterized the village since the Middle Ages – the renowned art of glassmaking – then don’t miss the Museo del Vetro (Glass Museum), which stands on the site of Piegaro’s ancient glassworks. Inside, you’ll see the solid embodiment of the last glass casting that took place before the factory closed in 1968 and accounts of the old glass processing techniques can still be seen in its rooms, such as the Sala delle Volte and the Sala del Forno. Today the museum boasts exhibits of numerous refined artefacts created by the master glassmakers who brought fame to the village; admiring them right here is a fascinating experience!

If you are keen on history and fossils, a visit to the Museo Paleontologico “Luigi Boldrini” in the hamlet of Pietrafitta is an absolute must. According to experts from around the world, treasures of inestimable value for palaeontology are displayed here: you can see remains of lignite, fossils belonging to many species of mammalian and non-mammalian vertebrate animals, but above all you’ll be amazed by the remains of Mammoth skeletons. The exhibition is equipped with thematic explanatory panels.

In Piegaro you can also relax amongst the greenery by taking a walk in Parco Rocolo, once known as Parco Misciattelli due to its proximity to Palazzo Misciattelli-Pallavicini. The park, which was used by the lords of Piegaro as a hunting reserve, is located next to Piazza Verneuil en Harlatte where a Monument stands dedicated to workers and straw-makers. The park is home to numerous centuries-old trees and, like the recent Anfifeatro, hosts outdoor events.

If you love spending time outdoors and in nature, you can also venture out to the panoramic trails around Piegaro and enjoy some exciting trekking. You will be able to enjoy bike tours, mountain biking and horseback riding or recreational fishing at Lake Pietrafitta as well as admire the beauty of Valnestore, the Cibottola woods, Mount Montarale and enjoy the fascinating Sentieri del Perugino walking trails.

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