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Cathedral of Città di Castello (Duomo)

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The ‘duomo’ or cathedral of Città di Castello has stood in Piazza Gabriotti, in the city centre, since the 11th century. According to tradition, the Romanesque church was built on the ruins of a former pagan temple and was consecrated three times during its long existence, first to San Lorenzo and then later to the patron saints of the city, Florido and Amanzio.

The building in its current form is the result of successive modifications. The first were carried out in 1356, then further renovations were made between the 15th and the 16th centuries under the direction of Elia di Bartolomeo.

The facade, which was left unfinished, dates back to between 1632 – 1646 and was designed by Francesco Lazzari. The Cathedral still preserves traces of its ancient origins: the cylindrical bell tower, in the Ravenna style, dating back to Roman times, and the left portal, decorated with twisted columns can be dated back to the Gothic period.

The imposing entrance stairway is more recent, attributable to the 18th century.

The structure is based on the Latin cross plan, with a single nave and side chapels that contain some noteworthy works of art: the chapel of S. Paolo displays “La caduta del Santo sulla via di

Damasco” (The fall of the Saint on the road to Damascus), painted by Niccolò Circignani, otherwise known as Pomarancio, at the end of the 16th century, and the “Transfigurazione” (Transfiguration) by Rosso Fiorentino (1530).

The presbytery is decorated with a beautiful, inlaid wooden choir carved in the mid-16th century. A visit to the Cathedral should be rounded off with a viewing of the crypt below, the ‘Duomo Inferiore’, which is accessible through a side staircase, where an ancient stone sarcophagus still holds the relics of the Cathedral’s patron saints.

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