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On the way to Assisi in the footsteps of St Francis

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On the way to Assisi in the footsteps of St Francis

This splendid tour extends along the hills between Perugia and Assisi, in the midst of cultivated fields and lush vineyards that offer unforgettable views of the landscape. Although it does not present any really tough climbs or descents, the itinerary is difficult due to the numerous ups and downs along the entire route and by the challenging elevation gain of 1200 metres, so we do not recommend it to less fit and inexperienced cyclists. We will set off from the sports facilities on the banks of the Tiber at Ponte Valleceppi (bridge), on the outskirts of Perugia, and immediately face the first climb to Civitella d’Arna. We will continue along the ridge of the hill until we reach Sant’Egidio where we’ll enjoy a heart-warming landscape between the vineyards overlooking Perugia and the plain at the foot of Monte Subasio, and then continue cycling towards Assisi. At the foot of the city, a 4.5-km climb will be waiting for us, although it’s not too steep, and this will take us to Piazza Matteotti, right in the centre. Here we’ll take a break to do some sightseeing of the wonders of Assisi, such as the Basilica di San Francesco, the Basilica di Santa Chiara or the Rocca Maggiore, and we will also take the opportunity to refresh and replenish ourselves with food and drinks. The most well-trained and adventurous amongst us will be able, at this point, to choose whether to make a detour to Monte Subasio by tackling the challenging 10-km climb that leads to the top of the mountain, where an incredible panorama will amply reward for their efforts. The itinerary continues gently downhill, down a splendid natural gorge to San Presto where the road begins to climb again, far away from traffic and flanked by cultivated fields, pastures and woods, with slopes of around 6% up to Casacastalda. Here will begin a demanding stretch of ups and downs before a long descent of 6 km that will take us to Valfabbrica, from where we will continue cycling along the Assisi-Valfabbrica-Gubbio ‘Sentiero Francescano della Pace’ (Franciscan Path of Peace). Once we reach Pianello, we will press on along small country roads immersed in the green hills and cultivated fields up to Pieve Pagliaccia, where we’ll turn in the direction of Pontevalleceppi and reach our starting point some 5 km further on. Our guides are waiting to accompany you with great competence and discretion in search of this territory whose unique connotations enchant countless visitors every ear. Book now, you won’t regret it!

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