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St Maria in Camuccia Church

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Via S. Maria in Camuccia, a cross street of Via Roma, leads to the very ancient Church of the same name. Its core dates back to the 7th-8th centuries, then renovated in the 13th century. From 1394 to 1810 the small building housed a Dominican convent.

The facade is structured on two floors: the main entrance gate, which lintel is supported by Corinthian columns, and two lateral niches adorned with a crucifix and Marian pictures, on the ground floor. A double-arched window finely embellished, on the upper floor.

Inside, the building is made of a single aisle. Ten small chapels display on its sides. The most important is the third one on the left where the “Sedes Sapientiae“, a beautiful wooden statue dated 12th century, is enshrined. That is a picture of the Virgin Mary seated on a throne holding the Child, as to symbolize how Mary embodies the Knowledge represented by the Christ child.

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