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St Ilario or St Carlo Church

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The building is among the most ancient ones of the town as witnessed by some historical documents where it is quoted: in 1112 it was included in a list of assets which Conte Guazza sent to Farfa Sabina Abbey, whereas a Latin inscription recalls that “in 1240, on Pentecost Day, the Church was consecrated by four Bishops”.

The facade, in Romanic Umbrian style dated 10th-11th centuries, is characterised by five horizontal notches. Two of them mark the central rose window, whereas the others frame the two rows of the three arches adorning the bell tower.

The rose window is embellished with eight columns, placed in a sunburst pattern on a stone frame which does not seem to have undergone further changes.

The entrance gate is crowned by a lunette adorned with the image of St. Carlo and datable 1623, when the pre-existing small Church was entrusted to the Company of the Saint.

Inside, on the left side of the altar, the Madonna del Soccorso beautiful fresco is placed. It is attributed to Giovanni di Pietro, a painter of Spoleto also called lo Spagna.

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