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What to do in Todi

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Todi offers a wide range of leisure activities both for its inhabitants and for tourists, because of its landscape, historical and cultural wealth. You can alternate suggestive Old Town walks with visits to the Municipal museums and modern galleries, as well as interchange sport activities for all tastes: hiking, trekking, horse riding, canoeing, rafting and even paragliding among the breathtaking landscape of the Tiber River Park, as well as “urban” activities such as bocce, football and tennis in the town modern structures.

The community is provided with an indoor stadium, athletic tracks, swimming pools, horse riding centres, gyms and pitches.

We can mention the Internazionali di Tennis (Italian Open) for the most curious and demanding ones. Every year in July, the tennis tournament takes place in Ponte Naia. But we can also suggest visiting some of the interesting permanent exhibitions of contemporary Art in town:

Ab ovo Gallery: an open window to the world of contemporary European applied Arts, in Todi Old Town.

Todi Fine Art: free-entry permanent exhibition conceived as an experimental blend of Arts and technology, providing for ancient materials such as stone by modern technologies of photography.

Bibos’s place: Artists Andrea Bizzarro and Matteo Boetti’s permanent exhibition, placed inside Giuliana Soprani Dorazio’s gallery since 2013. Event scheduling reflects the two artists’ interests: on the one hand, the historicised 20th century authors, on the other the promotion of young artists, in a constant game of generation gap.

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