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What to see and what to do in Todi

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Those who have never heard about the Umbrian town of sixteen-thousand inhabitants in the heart of Val Tiberina (Tiber Valley), would be struck by the variety of historical, cultural and landscape attractions which it offers.

Along Via Flaminia (SS 3bis), halfway between Perugia and Terni, Todi rises up on a hill, at approximately 400 metres above sea level. At its feet, the Tiber welcomes the Naia waters lending the region fertility, subject of interest since ancient times.

Because of its strategic position and troubled history, the town was provided with three walls still perfectly preserved, constituting the “architectural crown” and Todi landmark. By crossing the majestic Medieval gates you will feel like going back in time, plunging into the alleys of a curvy Old Town, rich in crystallised ancient ruins, almost unaffected by the passing of centuries.

Todi, a beautiful open-air museum, offers the freshness of breathtaking natural landscapes, as the arduous Canyons of the Tiber River Park, and will absolutely tickle visitors’ fancy with typical wine products from Umbria, with its woodworkers’ talent and with the scents of its traditional rural cuisine.

Frà Jacopone’s hometown, Todi not only enshrines the remains of one among the most well-known Renaissance poets, but is also a priceless gem of civil and religious architecture, with churches planned by renowned artists such as Bramante. The town is a mix of antiquity blending masterfully with modernity. A must-see place for those who happen to pass by central Umbria.

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