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Craftsmanship in Terni

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Industrialization of the 19th century somewhat obscured the craftsman sector in Terni, which specialized in metals like gold and iron back in the 1500s thanks to abundant deposits and old mines like that of Monteleone di Spoleto. However, the heavy industry that developed in town did not impair the master level of and focus on high quality. In fact, the Terni industries have always distinguished themselves not for how much they produced but rather for the quality of the expertise and workmanship. The steel factory, part of the Terni Industry and Electric Company, built in 1960 the sphere that was lowered in the Pacific Ocean down to the Mariana Trench, breaking a record for the deepest a human had ever gone under water -10,916 meters (32,700 feet) below sea level; the record was only equaled 52 years later. The gun factory Regia Fabbrica d’Armi left to the town a legacy of quality manufacturing; today their distributor is mainly through PMAL or Polo di Mantenimento delle Armi Leggere (maintenance center for light weapons). They collaborate with Italy’s armed forces and the best professionals in the country.

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