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Church of San Filippo Neri

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The beautiful church of San Filippo Neri (St Philip) stands in Piazza Mentana and was begun in 1640 on commission of two rich Spoletans who lived in Rome –Ugo Alberici and Loreto Vittori. Loreto Scellie was commissioned to design the building and oversee construction, which  was completed in 1671 when the dome was finished. However, the church was only consecrated in 1724. The church has the typical architectural features of Roman ecclesiastical buildings of the 1600s –  an elegant travertine marble façade embellished with pilasters and a beautiful tympanum. The interior space is divided into three naves separated by pillars and a large transept surmounted by the dome. In the sacristy is a marble bust of St. Filippo Neri by the sculptor Alessandro Algardi (1650). The side chapels have seventeenth- and eighteenth-century altars, while the walls are decorated with paintings from the eighteenth century by artists such as Gaetano Lapis, Sebastiano Conca, Pietro Labruzzi, and the Spoleto artist Francesco Refini.

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