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Sala dei Notari

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The Sala dei Notari (room of the notaries) has this name since the Art of the Notaries of Perugia made it its official seat in 1582. Before then it was known as the room of the people, because it was mainly used for popular assemblies.

Today it is mainly used for exhibitions and conferences.

The first thing that meets the eye is the beautiful architecture of the room with its eight arcades and their marvellous decorations.

Unfortunately only little remains of the original XII and XIV Century frescoes, but the elegant strokes ascribed to Master of Farneto can still be appreciated. Many parts of the old frescoes were integrated by Matteo Tassi, who also painted some originals.

The walls mainly depicts stories and legends, the coat of arms of various city offices, including the Capitano del Popolo (Captain of the People), and even Braccio di Fortebraccio.

The entrance is of Palazzo dei Priorifaces Piazza IV Novembre, in front of the Chatedral of Saint Lawrence.

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