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Palazzo Baldeschi

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Sitting in the middle of Corso Vannucci, it is one of the most prominent buildings on the avenue. Palazzo Bladeschi has an irregular shape that seems to follow the outline of the square. It is not the exploit of some eccentric architect, but the result of the merging of the buildings that preceded it.

The architectural footprint of the ancient Renaissance agglomeration is still visible to this day. In the middle of the XIV Century it was the home of the famous Jurisconsult Baldo degli Ubaldi, called Baldeschi. The original complex consisted in various dwellings connected to each other and it grew over time also thanks to the work of Baldo’s offsprings. Apparently, the ground floor war entirely dedicated to commercial activities.

At the end of XVI century the agglomerate was turned into a unique building, but several decorations kept being added during the following years.

In 2002, the palace was purchased by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia as a cultural landmark and turned into a museum. Palazzo Baldeschi was recently restored and houses many works of art divided in two collections. The first includes paintings and sculptures realised by Umbrian artists; the itinerary is divided thematically and by school. The main exponents of the Perugian School are represented, including Perugino and Pinturicchio, as well as the Folignate School, with the Alunno (Nicolò Liberatore) and the Gualdese School with Matteo da Gualdo.

The second section features 147 Renaissance Maiolicas from several collections.

On the cieiling of Sala delle Muse (Room of the Muses) you will find a beautiful XIX Century fresco by Mariano Piervittori.

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