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Nobile Collegio del Cambio

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Some of the various corporations that existed in Perugia became very prestigious during the years and acquired enormous power. One of them was the Art of Exchange.

It was so influential that it had its seat built in Palazzo dei Priori between 1452 and 157. The main occupation was money exchange, but de facto it was monitoring the various money trades and – in case of disagreement – the Board acted as an arbitrator.

Access to the area is gain through Sala dei Legisti, that was rented by the Bord of the Money Changers to the Board of Jurists. The fabulous wood decorations are the work of Giampiero Zuccari and were completed in 1621.

Then there is the hearing room, which was the seat of the Board of the Money changers and takes its name from the fact that its members could resolve about money exchange issues and were called “auditors”.

The internal decorations were commissioned to various artists, the most important of which is the Perugino, who realised one of the most beautiful paintings in the history of Renaissance Italy. Interior design and decoration was entrusted to Domenico del Tasso who, amongst other things, crafted the wooden bench and chairs. The golden terracotta statue was created by Benedetto da Maiano.

These rooms can be entered from Palazzo dei Priori on Corso Vanucci, before the beginning of via Boncambi.

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