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The Griffon and the Lion

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The Griffon and the Lion are both symbols of Perugia. The first is more connected with the actual history of the city – in a celebration of the sacred and profane traits that always characterised Perugia – the second refers to the Guelphs, the faction that sided with the pope at the time of the famous feuds. The two bronze statues are placed in the hall of Palazzo dei Priori, on the left side near the entrance.

Before being moved here they were paced on the Northern Door of Palazzo dei priori, the entrance to Sala Dei Notari. The ones we see on the facade today are a copy made after the restoration works of 1966.

Initially believed to be of Etruscan origins, they were then ascribed to Arnolfo Di Cambio who made them in 1218 as an element of Fontana degli Assetati. When the fountain was dismantled, they were brought to Palazzo del Podestà and only shown during the Procession of San Ercolano. From 1301 to 1966 they had embellished the facade of the palace and now can be visited by entering it, right above the main door.

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