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Fountain of Via Maestà delle Volte

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Heding west from Piazza IV Novembre, towards Piazza Morlacchi or Piazza Cavallotti, you will go through the characteristic Via Maestà delle Volte.

Walking through it is like going back in time. Stop and admire the Fountain of Via Maestà delle Volte on your left.

Built in l 1928, would blend well with its historical surroundings if it wasn’t for that inscription shouting out: “XX sec.”.

Designed by the architect  Pietro Angelini, it was built under the arch of one of the old buildings that populate the alley. The name of both, the street and the statue, refer to a painting made in 1330 circa, under one of the vaults of Palazzo del Podestà, apparently to keep away wrongdoers from that once dark street. Then in 1335, the Oratory of Maestà delle volte was built to protect the painting, although it was destroyed in a fire and rebuilt in 1567. To this day it still holds the original painting.

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