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Colfiorito Regional Park

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With its mere 338 hectares, this is the smallest park in the region, but no less important or fascinating to visit. The area, declared an internationally important heritage site according to the Ramsar Convention as early as 1976, is mainly made up of land of marsh origin. The systematic reclamation efforts carried out by man over the centuries have not succeeded in adversely affecting the area of the park, which is now of fundamental importance for its peat bogs, which are swampy areas where the temperature and acidic conditions inhibit the decomposition of the animals and plant tissues, fostering the accumulation and the compaction of the organic substance in the so-called peat, a precious and polyvalent material. In addition, its ecosystem is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna that is present only within this park, such as the European white water lily or the Lax-flowered orchid. The view of this colourful sea of floating vegetation from the surrounding hills is magnificent and you can venture quite deeply inside the swamp thanks to wooden walkways.

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