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Parks and Lakes in Umbria

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How do we feel when we are steeped in nature and feel totally at one with it? The fresh breeze oxygenates and invigorates our body, the warmth of the sun caresses our face, the woody scent of the resins blend with the fruity aroma of the flowers, the soft earth beneath our boots sustains us as we walk and our mind abandons itself to the colours of the landscape explored by our gaze until they shrink into the horizon. If Umbria is famous all over the world as the green heart of Italy, it is for a very precise reason: the immense number and expanse of natural parks and the diversity of their environments, starting in the mountains, with Monte Vettore at an altitude of almost 2500 metres in the Monti Sibillini national park, which our region shares with nearby Marche, down to the riverside parks, such as the Nera river or the Tiber River, all yearning to be discovered in length and breadth, which create exquisite, uncontaminated oases in their loops and bends. The diversity of the environments will never cease to amaze us if we think of the numerous lakes present in the area – some also suitable for bathing – with their great diversity of ecosystems. There are a great variety of options on offer, rounded off by a dense network of trails and itineraries to follow in total safety to rediscover the feelings that from here, sitting in front of this screen, you’ll find very difficult to relive.

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