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Historical-Archaeological Trail of the Battle of Hannibal

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In 217 BC the countryside of Tuoro sul Trasimeno was the scene of a fierce and violent clash between the Carthaginian army, led by Hannibal, and the Roman troops led by the consul Flaminio. The Battaglia del Trasimeno was a veritable ambush against the Romans, who were neutralized within a few hours; in fact about 10,000 men were killed by the Carthaginians, representing a severe blow to the Roman army.

Today, in Tuoro sul Trasimeno, in the areas where the bloody battle took place, the vicissitudes of Hannibal and his adversaries are brought back to life via an Historical-Archaeological Trail of the Battle of Trasimeno, inaugurated in June 2010. The Hannibal Trail stretches out through the Lake Trasimeno area for about 14 km, crossing large expanses of the Umbrian countryside and hills and includes 13 themed stations, which will guide visitors in exploring of one of the most significant battles of the Second Punic War. There are panels with historical, military, geographical and archaeological insights explained in Italian, English, French and German. You’ll be able to follow the story of the ambush that was fatal to the Romans from beginning to end, a narrative enriched by a wealth of photographic and illustrative materials, captions, reconstructions and in-depth studies; it will be fascinating to relive the movements of the armies and to understand the astute and effective military tactics used by the Carthaginians to defeat their adversaries.

The last panel of the Trail illustrates and compares the most significant theories about the Battle of Trasimeno that were advanced by various experts, such as Nissen, Fuchs-Pareti-De Sanctis, Susini and Brizzi-Gambini.

After booking, it will be possible to organize the Trail excursion on the basis of different durations and methods and to choose whether to go along some sections of the Trail on foot or with the help of vehicles.

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