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Museo di documentazione della battaglia del Trasimeno e Annibale

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Palazzo del Capra, which stands in an archaeologically rich area of ​​Tuoro sul Trasimeno, was built by Count Teodorico Moretti Costanzi to keep vivid the memory of a battle that was one of the fiercest in the Second Punic War. The illustrious building in fact houses the Centro di documentazione della Battaglia del Trasimeno e Annibale (a research centre focused on the Battle of Trasimeno and Hannibal Barca). The museum is named after Giancarlo Susini, the Professor who studied the events of the epic Battaglia del Trasimeno in depth.

The multimedia reconstructions in the museum will take you back in time to battle, which took place in 217 BC.

After crossing Spain and France, the astute Carthaginian leader Hannibal Barca, driven by strong ambition and the desire to conquer, caught off guard and routed the powerful Roman army at Trasimeno, at the time led by the consul Flaminio. Hannibal’s army was ruthless and in some three hours killed more than ten thousand Roman soldiers, including the consul Flaminio. Inside the Centro Documentazione, the exploits of the main characters are retraced, via 20 thematic videos, 2 video stories, 15 didactic panels, info-graphics and animation. You will also be able to admire the skilful reconstructions of the battle in the 4D room and see the fascinating 3D graphics and multi-sensory special effects

The Museum also offers a complete historical, naturalistic and archaeological overview of the area that was the scene of the bloody ambush by Hannibal in the Trasimeno area.

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