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What to see in Tuoro sul Trasimeno

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Discover what to see in Tuoro sul Trasimeno 

Walking through the woods in the upper part of the village, in the area of ​​Monte Castiglione, you’ll come across the remains of Castello di Vernazzano, an impressive building that once aroused fear in enemies and guaranteed the safety of the inhabitants. You’ll be struck by the Torre, which dates back to the 13th century and currently lies slanting at an impressive 13%gradient.

Another important building in the ​​Lake Trasimeno area is Forte di Montegualandro, dating back to the Etruscan era and also located in a towering position.

In Tuoro you can also see the remains of the ancient Chiesa di Sant’Agata, located on top of a hill, while the later Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena stands further down towards the valley. The village also boasts what was the most important example of Romanesque architecture in the ​​Lake Trasimeno area, the parish church called Pieve di Santa Maria dei Confini, better known as Pieve Confini.

You can also stroll round the small historic centre of the village, enjoy the medieval atmosphere and admire Palazzo della Capra, which today houses the Centro di documentazione della Battaglia del Trasimeno e Annibale (the Battle of Trasimeno and Hannibal Documentation Centre), which was built to commemorate the battle.

If you’re looking for an unusual and interesting place, Campo del Sole is well worth a visit: a green area situated on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, it comprises 27 columns reaching a height of 4.5 metres and a diameter of about 70-80 cm. They are arranged in the shape of a large spiral with a diameter of 44 meters and a table with the symbol of the sun in the centre. The sculptures, which were made out of local sandstone between 1985 and 1989, are all different and were conceived and created by nationally and internationally famous artists; each of them bears its own symbolism. You can walk on the lawn around the columns and look at them closely, or relax, meditate and let yourself be fascinated by this unusual open-air museum. The location also provides beautiful views.

A stone’s throw from Campo del Sole, at Punta Navaccia dock, you can take a short hop on a ferry to another beautiful part of Tuoro sul Trasimeno: the island of Isola Maggiore. Stroll around the island and admire the ancient Chiesa di San Salvatore, the parish church of Pieve di San Michele Arcangelo dating back to the 14th century and, on the ruins of the ancient convent of San Francesco, the magnificent Castello Guglielmi, or Castello Isabella, built in the late 19th century in honour of the wife of Senator Giacinto Guglielmi. You can also get to know more about the island’s past, its history, religion, art and economy by visiting Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, the building that houses the Centro di documentazione dell’Isola Maggiore (Isola Maggiore’s Documentation Centre).

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