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Porta Consolare

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Porta Consolare was the main gateway to the city from the southern slope. It is built with ashlars of white Subasio stone that have been perfectly polished and joined together without the use of mortar; with its three arches, it is an example of an ad cavaedium door, that is, with a sort of courtyard between the inner and the outer arch. The central archway was used for carts while the two smaller side arches were for pedestrians. To the south stands a well-preserved medieval tower that flanks the gateway.

The door was raised in the external front portion during the Renaissance, given the elevation of the walkway floor; three marble statues were also installed, although they were originally funerary monuments from the end of the first century BC, coming from the amphitheatre area. Numerous restorations and alterations were carried out over the centuries on both the gateway and in the street below, illustrating the constant use made of Porta Consolare.

Indeed, under the central arch, three road layers belonging to the pre-Roman, Roman and medieval periods can be seen in section: this means that the first road is even older than the gate, which was erected in the triumviral age.

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