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Chiesa di Santa Caterina

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Located in the neighbourhood of Scacchi, a short distance from Preci’s central piazza, the Chiesa di Santa Caterina is perhaps the oldest in the village. Unfortunately, repeated renovations have almost completely changed its structure compared to the original. The Romanesque entrance portal is still intact, though, with a round arch decorated on both sides by small columns surmounted by lions, with bases and capitals decorated with floral motifs. There are numerous Gothic symbols on the architrave, certainly added in the 14th century with an interesting mixture of the two architectural styles.

The small bell tower – now without a bell – stands on the left side of the facade and was also added during the 14th century architectural alterations. It is decorated with columns with lions at the base, perhaps recycled from a previous building.

The church houses a beautiful baroque-style altar, flanked by a very damaged 16th century fresco. In the middle you can just about make out the church’s namesake, St. Caterina, and some barely legible written fragments.

Today the ancient religious building houses the Museo della Scuola Chirurgica di Preci (Museum of the Surgical School of Preci).

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