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Chiesa della Madonna della Crocetta

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On the road that leads to the village of Piegaro, stands the small but lovely Chiesa della Madonna della Crocetta.

Externally the church is simple in appearance, with a single entrance portal, a rose window in the centre of the facade and a bell gable.

The construction of the building dates back to the second half of the 15th century and became the seat of the Confraternità della Crocetta.

The coat of arms of the Confraternity is visible inside the church, as a decoration. It is represented by a small Greek cross, a symbol that can also be seen in the painting that embellishes the altar of the Church; the ‘Madonna with the Child’ portrayed presents the small Greek cross hung around the neck of the Virgin and clearly visible in order to point out the emblem to the faithful and to any other observer.

Internally the church has a nave ending with an apse; a barrel vault with lunettes in three bays with side ribbing overhangs the nave and a sacristy is situated to the left. There are also two small altars inside two niches in the central bay.

There are some beautiful frescoes in the church painted between the 16th and 17th centuries depicting the Assumption of the Virgin.

In 1851 and in the early 2000s, the church underwent renovation work that did not substantially modify its original splendour.

Although small, the church has been looked after and embellished by the inhabitants of Piegaro since its construction, when glassmakers began to collect sums of money to thank the Madonna for graces received and for having been protected from the risks and dangers arising during glass processing.

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