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Castle of Pieve del Vescovo

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The imposing castle of Pieve del Vescovo stands on the top of the hill of Migiana di Monte Malbe, around a kilometre from the town of Corciano. The fortress-like structure, which is still in very good shape but not open to visitors, has very remote origins. The original nucleus seems to date back to the 7th or 11th century, when there was a ‘Plebs Sancti Joahnnis’ in the area, that is, a place of worship dedicated to S. Giovanni (St. John). In 1396 the municipality of Perugia granted permission for it to be fortified, which led to its present appearance: imposing quadrangular walls with four corner towers. The following year the building hosted the famous and extravagant wedding of the Captain of Ventura, Biordo by Michelotti, to the noblewoman Giovanna Orsini. From then on, the castle acted as a defensive post until the Renaissance period when it was transformed into a magnificent residence for the bishops of Perugia. The Mannerist-style decor and internal gardens date back to this period, while the castle was turned into an arms depot by German troops during WWII and then into an agricultural warehouse during the rest of the 20th century.

Since 2005 and after major restoration, the complex has housed the Museo Diocesano Diffuso di Pieve del Vescovo.

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