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Church of S. Silvestro

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The church of S. Silvestro is the oldest of the three churches in Piazza Silvestri, in Bevagna. It was built in 1195 by Master Binello, as stated in the inscription near the entrance.

The structure, in Romanic style, was never completed and does not have a bell tower.

The bottom part of the building is in travertine, while the top part is in red and pink stone and boasts a three-mullioned window in the middle and two double lanceted windows on the sides. The entrance portal is decorated with a frieze with classical and geometrical elements serving a deeply allegorical purpose: on the left the mount represents Christ, the four creeks symbolise the four Gospels, and the vine and animals respectively stand for the Church and its followers. The dragon on the right symbolises the Devil.

The interior is divided in three naves and a few stairs lead to the raised presbytery, to make the underlying crypt look more spacious and deep. The imposing columns with Corinthian capitals delimit the spaces of each nave.

The inside of the church of S.Silvestro is rather frugal and the few decorative elements do not flaunt any material opulence. Simplicity is what makes this church so beautiful and unique. The light penetrates through few small windows, but it seems to project and illuminate the interior – especially the central nave – with great precision and solemnity.

The church was restored between 1953 and 1954 and in 1987.

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