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What to do in Tuoro sul Trasimeno

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Discover what to do in Tuoro sul Trasimeno 

Apart from being a really captivating place, embraced by flourishing vegetation and blessed by the added attraction of Lake Trasimeno, Tuoro is also steeped in history. You can relive the past and especially the war between Hannibal and Roman troops in 217 BC. The battle, which saw Hannibal and his Carthaginian army defeat the Romans led by the consul Flaminius, is dynamically recreated at the Museo di Documentazione sulla Battaglia del Trasimeno e Annibale (Documentation Museum on the Battle of Trasimeno and Hannibal).

Thanks to detailed multimedia reconstructions, explanatory panels, animations and videos, you can retrace the strategies of the cunning Carthaginian leader and discover interesting insights on the battle and the territory in which it took place.

You’ll be able to visit the sites of the ambush and further explore the intricacies of the battle by embarking on the Percorso Storico Archeologico della Battaglia di Annibale (Historical-Archaeological Route of the Battle of Hannibal); along the 14 km route that crosses the Trasimeno hills, you will pass 13 thematic posts with in-depth archaeological, historical, military and geographic analysis in various languages, explaining the phases of the battle, the shrewd attack techniques and experts’ theories.

On nearby Isola Maggiore you can learn more about the tradition of embroidery by visiting the Museo del Merletto (Lace Museum), in Palazzo delle Opere Pie, where you can admire precious lace and crochet created with Irish Lace techniques, wonderful ancient embroidered dresses and high-quality productions that will take you back in time.

If you love adventure and nature, Tuoro sul Trasimeno offers an abundance of nature trails to enjoy on foot or by mountain bike, featuring endless meadows and breath-taking views of Lake Trasimeno.

You can also opt for horse riding, enjoyable excursions exploring Lake Trasimeno or have fun engaging in water sports such as canoeing, kitesurfing and sailing.

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