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What to do in Corciano

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Discover What to do in Corciano 

If you are a fan of museums, you’ll have the chance to retrace the development of the village via its many archaeological finds, dating from prehistory through to the Etruscan-Roman age at the Antiquarium and the Museo Paleontologico (located inside Palazzo Municipale). In the Museo della Civiltà Contadina, you can discover all the secrets and peculiarities of life in pre-industrial Corciano via a display of original tools and utensils, from both the domestic and agricultural workaday worlds and then round off your museum trip at the Museo Diocesano della Pievania, which explores religious life in Corciano.

At this point, even if you think you’ve already seen everything, don’t stray from the village walls because immediately outside Porta di San Francesco, you’ll find the famous ‘sentiero dei mandorli’, an almond tree-lined path that runs along the entire outer perimeter of the village walls, offering lovers of trekking, cycling or simple walks breath-taking panorama of the valley below, with views that span from Monte Malbe up to Monte Amiata and even as far as Lake Trasimeno.

At this point, you will finally have seen everything – at least in the village! But just a few kilometres away, other interesting places await. Don’t miss out on a visit to the Etruscan necropolis of Strozzacapponi (3rd – 1st century BC), the Castello di Pieve del Vescovo (14th century), the church of S. Salvatore in Sasso (11th century) and Solomeo, a very unusual factory-village rebuilt in perfect medieval style.

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