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What to do in Città della Pieve

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Discover with us what to do in Città della Pieve 

If you are interested in art, history and culture, you can’t miss the Museo Civico-Diocesano, situated in the ancient Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Servi. Here you will find art works from the Gothic, Baroque and Mannerist periods, as well as works by Pomarancio, Salvio Savini, Alessandro Brunelli, the Cremoni brothers and Perugino.

If you prefer contemporary art, Spazio Kossuth is the perfect place to contemplate and appreciate the dynamic sculptural works of Wolfgang Alexander Kossuth, who chose to live part of his life in Città della Pieve because it was a strong source of inspiration to him, and the Collezione D’arte Contemporanea in the Giardino dei Lauri, where you’ll be able to admire numerous works by nationally and internationally famous artists. At the Museo Antonio Verri, there are numerous interesting materials on display, belonging to the private collections of the geologist Antonio Verri and the agronomist and naturalist Paolo De Simone.

You can also explore the village by following different routes: the Percorso dei Vicoli and the Percorso del Paesaggio. The first route will enable you to discover the most evocative and secret corners of Città della Pieve via its picturesque alleys steeped in history and echoes of the past, since it was where the artisans had their shops and markets.

The second route will lead you on a tour with breath-taking views from numerous viewpoints in Città della Pieve; you’ll see one of the most beautiful views of central Italy with its pleasantly rolling lush green hills, beautiful surrounding lakes, mountains and the characteristic neighbouring towns and villages.

Depending on how adventurous you are, why not immerse yourself in the energy of an unspoilt natural environment and the paths of Città della Pieve by taking part in exciting and unforgettable trekking excursions? You can also expand your knowledge of the area via excursions in the native land of Perugino and experience the thrill of discovering the perfect blend of nature and the characteristic historic and artistic sights of the village of Città della Pieve.

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