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Church of Miglio St Paul

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Together with the Churches of St. Magno, St. Mary in Campis and St. Mary of Fiamenga, the eighteenth-century Church del Miglio San Paolo (Miglio of St Paul Church) stands outside the city along one of the main crossroads that link Foligno to surrounding towns. These churches were built in a cross formation around the burial site of St Feliciano (currently the Foligno Cathedral) with the function of protecting it.

The building sits on Viale Ancona (Ancona Road) and is very simple in form – a single polygonal-shaped room decorated with a stringcourse frame that divides the structure horizontally. The main entrance door and small octagonal windows are in the lower part; in upper part are large rectangular windows. All parish functions stopped in 1986 and were definitively replaced by the town parish of the Church of the Good Shepherd.

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