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Palazzo del Podestà

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Slightly offset from the main square where the city’s other public buildings are located, the Palazzo del Podestà stands in Piazza Matteotti and was built by Angelo da Orvieto, a few years after the construction of the Palazzo dei Priori. The building was commissioned by the Tarlati family from Pietramala who ruled Città di Castello between 1324 and 1335, but it was completely finished in 1368 when, according to what can be read in the Annals, the Municipal authorities rented five of the nine shops below it.

Above the portals of some of these shops there are still lunettes decorated with the friezes and coats of arms of the Podestà family who governed the city. The architect adopted different styles when he decorated the building: above each door is a small round fully-opening window that is in turn surmounted by elegant double-lancet windows.

The northern facade was made of sandstone blocks and still retains the 14th-century structure, while the loggia overlooking Piazza Fanti was completely rebuilt by Nicola Barbioni in the 17th century.

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