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Events in Città di Castello

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With its flourishing craftwork and numerous events, Città di Castello cannot be said to bore either occasional visitors or its citizens. If you are in Umbria between December and January, you can’t miss the opportunity to see or participate in the Mostra Internazionale di arte presepiale, an international exhibition featuring the art of the nativity scene. It is one of the most important events related to the theme of the nativity due to the elevated number of participants it attracts every year and for the excellence of the exhibited works, with artists and materials coming from all over the world.

If, on the other hand, you are walking around the city in the summer between August and September, you will be able to take part in other important annual events: the Festival delle Nazioni which, for Città di Castello and the Region, became the official event for the promotion of a civil identity. Artists from all over the world illustrate their musical traditions in a combination of rhythms and cultures that will fill and thrill your senses.

In the same period, the art of urban printing is celebrated and promoted via the Mostra mercato del libro antico e della stampa antica. This exhibition-cum-fair of ancient books and prints features some forty Antique Bookshops engaged in the promotion of priceless ‘paper treasures’, ranging from incunabula to precious vintage bindings.

And once more, out of a love for tradition, the streets become animated again in September for the Mostra del Mobile in Stile ed artigianale, an exhibition of period-style reproduction furniture and original artisanal furniture.

And finally, with an eye to not neglecting anything, November brings cheer to your taste buds with the not-to-be-missed festivities dedicated to the Tartufo Bianco, the famous white truffle.

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