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Adventures in Umbria

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Umbria is a region that deserves to be discovered and if you think lovers of adventure and high-octane pursuits will be disappointed here, think again! This region, which is so synonymous with peacefulness, spirituality, art and good food, conceals within it a community of small businesses and impassioned professionals who, thanks to Exploring Umbria, will be able to provide you with truly unique experiences.

If for you, emptiness is not just the absence of matter in a given space but is a definite sensation that you can’t do without and if, like a modern-day but smarter version of Icarus, you want to quench your thirst for flight but in complete safety, you have chosen the right place. And you can do it with one of Italy’s most beautiful views beneath you. People on the ground may raise their eyes to look at the beauty of the sky and the stars, but what they don’t know is that from up there the show is even better. Harnessed to a paraglider or a hang-glider, you’ll be amazed by the rounded and woody contours of the horizon or, if you prefer, you can fly over olive groves and vineyards in a multi-coloured hot-air balloon or hurl yourself free-fall out of an airplane with your parachute and land gently in a fragrant wheat field. Each season will provide you with a new and different landscape to frame your every adventure. In the cool summers typical of the Apennines, the plains of Castelluccio di Norcia in full bloom will fill your senses like an Impressionist painting. In spring the lush peaks of the Martani Mountains will embrace you and protect you from the cold northern winds of the north, while the deep autumn will paint the hills of Assisi and Spoleto in brick and flaming reds.

If your favourite element is water, never fear! Within the only region of peninsular Italy not flanked by the sea, there is a stunning hidden network of rivers and lakes that offer sensational thrills and spills to water-sport enthusiasts. The tortuous bends and rapids of the Nera, Corno and Tescio rivers, and other indomitable watercourses, will provide an excellent challenge for anyone who wants to test their skills in sports like rafting or kayaking and enjoy the unique view of the woods from their boat as it slips quietly along the river, before or after various electrifying descents. The same rapids are also the perfect setting for canyoning, that is, descending the watercourse with only the help of ropes and a fearless spirit in the waterfalls and deep gorges carved into the rock by the flow of water rushing through them over the centuries.

Lovers of marine sports will find great satisfaction in spending time in the captivating setting of Lake Trasimeno. You can enjoy a boat tour as you sail over the silver surface of its waters to discover its islands, or spend a relaxing morning fishing in the glow of the still-reddish sun as it rises above the hills or, on windy days, you can take lessons with the help of our expert teachers and test yourself in the discipline of kitesurfing, in one of the best locations for beginners who want to try their hand at the sport.

And anyone whose idea of adventure is synonymous with speed can jump into a quad car or onto an enduro motorcycle and tear along the dirt roads that wind through the hills and villages, stopping occasionally for refuelling, because stomachs and tanks must always be full to the brim!

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