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A weekend in Umbria: mind and spirit

A weekend steeped in culture, peace and tranquillity in Umbria. Following in the footsteps of St Francis.

Walking through the streets of the magnificent city of Assisi will feel like stepping back into medieval times. First you will stroll among ancient stone facades, majestic churches and small monasteries and then move towards nature and discover the lands of the hermits. You will follow in their footsteps and take the paths they once trod, enjoying peace and tranquillity in a spectacular natural environment.

After all, there is no better way to find out about St Francis than by getting to know his city. With each church you visit, each road you travel and each work you admire, you will discover a little bit more of the story of this extraordinary figure. The legends and deeds that are handed down in his hagiography will help you discover the sanctity and the importance of the values he embodied and preached, and in the historic events and accounts of his life you will find the beauty and simplicity of the life of a common man, just like every one of us.

A short but reinvigorating tour enabling you to discover the flavours of Umbria in the best typical restaurants and inns that we at Exploring Umbria have personally selected for you.

  1. 1
    Day 1
    Assisi and its treasures
    • Guided Tour of Assisi

      A private guided tour, with our expert guides, where you can discover the secrets of this magnificent city. You’ll be able to walk along narrow streets and go into wonderful churches with an art expert who will always be by your side, ready to explain everything you see and to answer all your questions

    • Lunch in a restaurant in Assisi city center

      You’ll have lunch in one of the most characteristic eateries in Assisi, featuring traditional Umbrian dishes. Lunch will consist of an appetiser, a first course, a second course + side dish, fruit or dessert, with coffee and drinks included

    • Guided tour in Assisi, second part

      Accompanied by our expert guide, you will be able to discover the most exemplary sites in the life of St Francis. They are located slightly outside the historic centre, such as the Eremo delle Carceri (Hermitage) the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli and the church of San Damiano. If you wish, you can also visit the sanctuary of Rivotorto.

    • Dinner on your own

      You’ll be free to chose your own venue for dinner, but our staff will always be on hand to advise you on the best places based on your needs or preferences

  2. 2
    Day 2
    The Spoleto's beauties
    • Monteluco di Spoleto – the way of the hermits

      You’ll be guided along a fantastic nature trail and explore the mountains surrounding Spoleto and the many Hermitages – real cultural and religious jewels – built inside the woods.

    • Lunch in a restaurant in Spoleto city center

      You’ll have lunch in a lovely restaurant in the centre of Spoleto. Lunch will consist of an appetiser, a first course, a second course + side dish, fruit or dessert. Coffee and drinks are included

    • Free time to visit Spoleto

      In the afternoon you’ll be free to go sightseeing in beautiful Spoleto. This imposing city was once a great Longobard Duchy and still bears many traces of its illustrious past. Why not wander along its winding alleys, climb up to the Albornoz fortress or enter the Cathedral? You’ll be able to visit all the other treasures of Spoleto in total freedom and at your own pace.

    • End of the itinerary

      Your itinerary will end here, but we’re sure you’ll want to discover even more of this fantastic region

Starting point:
Included services:

The deal includes:

  • Guided visit to Assisi for the whole day, with lunch break
  • 2 lunches with level 2 menus included
  • Guided excursion, level: easy, form Spoleto to Monteulco and return
  • 1 night in a farmhouse in the Assisi Valley, breakfast included.

The deal DOES NOT include:

  • We want to let you free to choose where you want to have dinner, according to your own preferences (of course if you need any suggestion we’ll be happy to help you). This is why dinners are NOT included;
  • Gifts and souvenirs are NOT included;
  • Tickets to museums or places of interest are optional, depending on your interests, and are NOT included;
  • In general, anything that is not listed under the item “The Deal Includes” IS NOT included.

Additional information:

  • No special training is needed for this itinerary;
  • If you desire so, we can recommend activities or places to visit nearby for your free time;
  • This tour has scheduled destinations, but our guides are always happy to help you with any request. We can be flexible regarding meeting, check-in, and meal hours. We’ll do our best to make everybody happy;
  • This itinerary is for at least 2 adults.
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