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Von Trevi nach Spoleto über den Radweg des umbrischen Tals

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Von Trevi nach Spoleto über den Radweg des umbrischen Tals

Unsere angenehme Tour führt vorwiegend durch das flache Tal zwischen Trevi und Spoleto, kilometerweit über den bestehenden Radweg. Damit ist sie perfekt für all jene macht, die nicht viel Erfahrung beim Radfahren haben, oder für diejenigen, die einen ruhigen Familientag mit dem Fahrrad inmitten der Olivenhaine der Gegend verbringen wollen. Ausgangspunkt ist der Bahnhof im Ort Trevi, der sich am Fuße von Trevi befindet. Nach einigen Kilometern entlang des Baches Maroggia werden wir das herrliche Schloss von Pissignano bewundern, das mit einem Hügel voller Olivenbäume die Quellen des Clitunno bewacht und so eine der bezauberndsten Landschaften ganz Umbriens entstehen lässt. Danach führt uns die Route in der Nähe von Spoleto nach San Venanzo, von wo aus wir einen Abstecher auf der Route machen können, um die Stadt zu besuchen, die für das Festival dei due Mondi und ihre mittelalterliche Architektur berühmt ist. Nach San Venanzo kehren wir zu unserem Ausgangspunkt Trevi zurück und folgen dazu ersten Teil unserer Route in die entgegengesetzte Richtung. In Begleitung unserer professionellen Reiseführer werden Sie einen Tag lang ein Gebiet entdecken, das Sie verblüffen und begeistern wird. Warten Sie nicht länger, buchen Sie gleich!

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    second part of the trail

Recommended clothing

  • For this activity we recommend comfortable clothing that does not restrict your freedom of movement.
  • Bring a windcheater/anorak with you, even if the activity takes place in the summer months.
  • We recommend wearing the right footwear for the type of bike you are going to use.
  • We strongly recommend the use of a crash helmet suitable for biking.

We also recommend you bring:

  • A comfortable backpack suitable for cycling/walking
  • A warm sweater, such as a technical sports shir, for sudden drops in temperature
  • A change of clothes (especially socks) in case of sudden rain
  • Hat with a sun visor
  • Warm hat
  • Gloves
  • Sunscreen


  • Expert guide
  • Mechanical assistance for repairs in case of punctures, problems with brakes or other malfunctions that can be dealt with on the spot.
  • In most cases a car will be on hand to provide any complex assistance or to keep drinks and food chilled.

Not included

Bicycles and related accessories are not included in this itinerary.

If you wish, you can choose bike hire from amongst our additional options. We will provide you with the bike that’s best suited to the type of route, taking your preferences into consideration, including helmets, pedaling accessories and spare parts for ordinary repairs. We have various types of bikes available, including e-bikes.


The activity will last about 3 hours, including small stops. However, the duration may vary depending on the pace of the group and the need to take fewer or more breaks.


  • Italian
  • English


You can enjoy this experience throughout the year.


This activity is also open to children provided they are accompanied by their parents.

Pet policy

We are sorry but no pets will be allowed to accompany you in this activity.


To do this activity it is essential to have a good level of physical fitness and to be in good health.

Additional information

This activity lasts half a day, so lunch is not provided. In your itinerary you can still select the lunch option, above your timeline. We will be able to recommend one of the best places to eat when you return.


  • This activity can only be undertaken in favourable weather conditions, which will be evaluated by our partner and confirmed 48 hours in advance. In case of poor weather conditions we will immediately contact you and propose an alternative activity or a refund of the price paid.
  • This activity is subject to our operators‘ availability. We have a large selection of collaborators capable of leading this activity, but if on the day you selected we do not have operators availabile, we will immediately, or in any case within 48 hours of booking, suggest an alternative activity you might wish to do or the choice of receiving a full refund of the price paid.
  • The times shown in the program are indicative and may vary according to your requests or those of the other participants in the group. These are always and in any case previously agreed with our staff or with the guide.



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Always communicate through Exploring Umbria to ensure you receive the best bespoke service to suits your requirements. In order to protect your payments, never transfer money via channels outside the Exploring Umbria website.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel the reservation for this activity up to 24 hours before the event we will refund you 100% of the price.

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