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Orvieto in two days, art, wine and history

This is the perfect option for those who only have a couple of days available and want to see Orvieto. You can choose to go at the weekend or during the week, as this is an open package and you can book it whenever you want.

The ideal solution for those who want to visit this magnificent city is to combine it with one of the most rewarding experiences in areas like these: a wine tasting in a winery with a dinner prepared with typical local products.

You will stay in an apartment with B&B, right in the heart of the historic centre of Orvieto. Located in a period building, the apartment is elegant and finely furnished. Thanks to a recent renovation, it is equipped with all mod cons to guarantee a relaxing and carefree stay. The central location will allow you to move around and see the city, with everything within walking distance and without having to depend on a car or public transport.

The package also includes a wine tasting and a dinner at a winery just outside the historic centre. This experience will immerse you in one of the products that speaks volumes about these areas: wine. The winery hosting the tasting and the dinner is family-run and the owners will be at your complete disposal. You will start with a tour of the company, walking through the wine-making cellars and, after passing a picturesque and beautifully-preserved Etruscan cave, you will be taken to the tasting room, where you will be able to taste 4 different types of wines. The tasting will be guided, enabling you to understand and appreciate the quality and characteristics of the wines. The visit will end with a 3-course dinner, dessert and coffee, based on typical products and, of course, the company’s own wines.

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    Tag 1
    Let the city of tuff amaze you
    • Degustazione di vini ad Orvieto

      The wine company staff will welcome you and take you around the wineyard. You will visit the production area while the staff will explane all the stages of the wine making. After the visit the dinner/tasting will start with the explanation on how to proper combine  a food with a certain wine.

    • B&B in Orvieto city center
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    la visita continua
    • breackfast
    • check out and...the visit continues

      Take your time to check out and use your free time to have another walk in Orvieto and keep visiting it

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