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Spoleto and Marmore waterfalls in one day

A one-day excursion to enjoy in one fell swoop. You’ll start right away in the morning with a guided tour of Spoleto. This city would look like a village if it were not for its imposing walls, the towering fortress known as Rocca Albornoziana that looks down over the town, the beautiful Duomo and the many other vestiges of its glorious past, which reached its peak during the Lombard domination when Spoleto was a powerful duchy.

You can see all the sights thanks to a guided tour wholly at your disposal. Our guide will accompany you, criss-crossing its narrow alleys and beautiful squares, and helping you to discover the history of Spoleto via a tour of its most beautiful monuments.

Immediately after the tour, you can continue strolling around independently, until lunch, which will be held in a typical restaurant in the historic centre. The menu will strictly reflect Umbrian culinary traditions. You can choose what you like most from among the dishes made available to you, also based on any intolerances or allergies you may have.

After lunch the excursion continues in the direction of the Marmore waterfalls park (Cascate delle Marmore). The entrance fee is included and you can pick up your ticket at the information office on site. As soon as you enter the park, you’ll be overwhelmed by the beauty of this waterfall. Your senses will be met by the roar of the water as it crashes down into the Nera river. As you get closer, you’ll be mesmerised by one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in Italy.

Once you enter the park, you can move freely around all the various viewing points. There are maps available for visitors tracing the internal routes within the park so that you can get around, ranging from easy to the most demanding.

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    • Geführte Tour durch Spoleto

      Teatro Romano
      Piazza del Mercato
      Duomo and Fontana del Mascherone
      Ponte delle Torri
      Rocca dell'Albornoz
      Medieval streets and alleys

    • Lunch in a restaurant in Spoleto city centre

      As soon as the guided tour will be finished, you will be waited in the restaurant in the city centre. A generous menu, adaptable to any intolerances, allergies or different tastes, will be served to you in the most historical part of the city. Appetizer, first dish, main dish, side dish, dessert and drinks are included. The dishes can be chosen among the available ones, all traditional Umbrian recipes.

    • Marmore waterfalls
      free visit

      Immediately after lunch you can head to the Marmore waterfalls with your car or with our services in case you chose the option „transfer“. Enjoy the sight inside the park for as much time as you wish. Orari e info.

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